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We thank you for your interest in Come, Lord Jesus!  We are eager to assist you with your requests.

 God Bless You!
Fr. Conley Bertrand
Founder / Director
Come, Lord Jesus!
1804 West University
Lafayette, LA   70506
Phone:  337-233-6277
Fax:      337-233-6144

OFFICE HOURS:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00am to 3:00pm

BOOKKEEPING:                                                           PUBLICATIONS COORDINATOR                      
Anita Trahan                                                                   and PUBLIC RELATIONS:  
Invoicing, Gift Bags, Memorial Burses                            Lea Hawkins   
New & Established Groups, Member Registration         Conference, Leaders' Seminar
Change of Address                                                         Printed Material
Newsletter information/Mailings                                                                                                          
OUTREACH ADMINISTRATOR                                   Outreach Administrative Assistant
Marianne Hebert                                                            Mary Porubsky
Young Adult/Youth/Adult                                            
School / CCD Group Formation
                                                                                       DIOCESAN COORDINATOR    
                                                                                       Patrice Williams

RECEPTIONIST:                                                           OFFICE ASSISTANT: 
Jacquelin Hebert                                                            Brenda Briggs
Answer phones, Update Website                                   Box orders, Copies, Cleaning 
E-Newsletter Mailings, Call-ins & E-Mail Orders

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