The EPISTLE Explained

In honor of the Year of St. Paul, Fr. Bertrand  compiled a collective commentary directed toward the Epistles of St. Paul from a variety of resources to assist you in your weekly meeting preparation.  We are currently in the process of finalizing the Cycle B edition which will be ready IN PRINTED form by Advent of this year.

In addition to being published in book form, those that are completed are available to download as a PDF File.  As stated on the main SCRIPTURE COMMENTARIES page, these documents are the COPYWRITED personal work of Fr. Bertrand and are therefore not to be copied, printed or shared without the express WRITTEN permission of Fr. Conley Bertrand-Come, Lord Jesus! Inc. 

Fourteen of the twenty-one letters have been traditionally attributed to St. Paul. The other seven letters of the New Testament that follow the Pauline corpus are collectively referred to as the "Catholic Epistles". A term which means "universal", it refers to the fact that most of them are directed not to a single Christian community, as are most of the Pauline letters, but to a wider audience.

The Catholic letters, like those of the Pauline corpus, are also arranged in roughly descending order of length.

*Additional information on Sunday readings may be found under Member Page - 2014 Liturgical Year.