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Come, Lord Jesus! is a program committed to forming small Catholic faith communities. The program follows a well-defined, balanced structure for spiritual formation based on the recommendations of the Second Vatican Council.

The program centers around four basic elements 


These elements, inspired by the Holy Spirit and practiced in the early Church (Acts 2: 42) comprise the primary mission of the program to help members in being transformed into the very image of Christ, who is Love.

COME, LORD JESUS!' simple format assures successful implementation by the laity. The Scripture study portion of the meeting uses the selections of Scripture to be read at the upcoming Sunday Mass, with the results of not only greatly enhancing appreciation of the Word of God, but also enriching the entire Sunday Eucharistic celebration.

COME, LORD JESUS! has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1969 and has received enthusiastic recommendations and endorsements from numerous priests and bishops.

This website is intended to provide those interested with more information about the COME, LORD JESUS! program. Feel free to explore the rest of our site and see what is currently happening with our program. For even more information, please contact us directly by phone during our business hours, or go to the 'Contact Page' and send us an email.

We are looking forward to speaking with you.

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