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We are in the process of creating a customized DATABASE. Please use this online form to join our CONTACT / MAILING List, and to provide the necessary data that is essential for our Office Operations. If you prefer, you may email this information to us directly at: or CALL our office directly.
Whether you desire to have your Newsletter printed and mailed, emailed directly, or choose to view it online, your contact information is still valuable to us for other CLJ ALERTS! We will NOT share your data with ANYONE! It is for office purposes only!
Please let inform us of your leader's name in the "COMMENT BOX" if you are a member.
If you are a NON-MEMBER interested in receiving our Newsletter and e-Alerts, we welcome you with open arms.
REMEMBER: This is a work in progress.  Leaders, we really need your e-mail addresses for fast contact on CLJ! news and updates. For more information on the newsletter, refer to the newsletter tab. We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your assistance.

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