Daily CLJ! Prayer


Lord Jesus Christ! We give you thanks and praise for the gift of Come, Lord Jesus!. We have experienced its marvelous transforming power and are eager to share it with others. Please help them see that this program is an invaluable tool to transform them into your very image and likeness.

We implore you, Lord, show us how to be more enterprising to make this program better known for the renewal of your church. Give us a holy boldness to promote your kingdom by ushering many into Come, Lord Jesus!. Inflame their hearts with a burning desire for the spiritual riches that Come, Lord Jesus! will awaken in them.

And please, Lord, instill us with leadership qualities inclining us to form and lead new Come, Lord Jesus! groups–solid footholds for Gospel living–both youth and adult.

Lord Jesus, we beg you to raise up a multitude of new Come, Lord Jesus! communities for the advancement of your kingdom and the glory of the Blessed Trinity. Amen.

[Implore Mary’s intercession by slowly and fervently praying the Hail Mary.]

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