Bringing Come, Lord Jesus! Into Your Church Parish

Initiating a Come, Lord Jesus! program into your parish community is a simple process.

It begins by prayerfully selecting potential leaders to facilitate groups. Letters may be sent to each potential leader. After parishioners respond to your request, an orientation meeting is held in which leaders get together to become familiarized with the program. The Come, Lord Jesus! DVD may be presented. Steps of the program are explained as the group engages in the meeting format. This will provide participants the opportunity to experience the prayerful, contemplative atmosphere of the program.

During this orientation meeting, plans are made to invite members of your congregation into your established groups.

We recommend dedicating a specific week-end to promote the program. Announcements may be made in the parish bulletin two to three weeks in succession prior to your campaign week-end . Flyers may be distributed at each Mass or inserted into the parish bulletin as a means of inviting parishioners to join a group. A pulpit announcement may be made during each Mass.


Your parish priest’s endorsement and recommendation of the program after his Homily is a highly effective method of assuring success of your outreach campaign.

Sign-up sheets placed in the pews or in the vestibule of the church will provide an opportunity for interested parishioners to enroll in the program. An “Introduction to Come, Lord Jesus!” night may be held the following week in which leaders explain the program, present the DVD, and allow all interested parishioners to participate in the meeting format. Groups are established at this time and continue to meet in members’ homes or the designated meeting place.

The Come, Lord Jesus! office is available to help in any way needed.

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