Come, Lord Jesus! for Families is a daily Scriptural devotion uniting parents and children in spiritual communion with God and each other.

This uniquely designed orthodox program coincides with the daily Mass Gospel Readings integrating your family’s theme of study with the great assembly of the Christ-founded Catholic Church. Come, Lord Jesus! for Families will enlighten your loved ones with the sanctifying truth of the Word as found in Scripture and Sacred Tradition.


Rooted in faith, Come, Lord Jesus! for Families follows a format used by the early Christians.

This gathering of loved ones begins with each family member praying from the heart as Jesus did.

After reading and discussing the daily Gospel, your family will gain insights into Biblical teachings as you become equipped to live victorious, God-centered lives for His glory.

This inspiring program will lead you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and foster zeal for the holy Catholic Church he established.

Guide your family to living according to God’s holy Word. Establish a foundation of faith with Come, Lord Jesus! for Families.

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