Our mission is to unveil the Come, Lord Jesus! program to every church parish and diocese uniting congregations to Jesus Christ, his holy Catholic Church and each other in earnest preparation for our Coming King!

Transform your church parish!

Come, Lord Jesus! is a tremendous blessing to a church community. Members are distinguished by their love for God, for one another, and for all of God’s people. They express that love through various forms of ministry within a church parish.

The program requires minimal help from a parish priest. There is no cost to bring the program into your church parish. Members provide materials for themselves. Individual groups meet in homes as in the early Church. Motivation to join is provided by weekend outreach campaign and personal witness.


The Spiritual Benefits of Bringing Come, Lord Jesus! into Your Church Parish:

  • Effective means of engaging parishioners(youth and adult) in the Word of God: The Bible and Sacred Tradition
  • Provides an atmosphere of prayer where Gospel values are respected and nurtured.
  • Members gain a deeper appreciation of the Sunday liturgy and become active participants.
  • Members learn to pray from the heart, like Jesus.
  • Fosters greater enthusiasm for our Catholic faith and how to live and defend it.
  • Come, Lord Jesus! process of formation transforms its members into the image and likeness of Christ.
  • Members are trained in evangelization and learn to witness their faith.
  • Members become more involved in parish ministry.
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