Welcome to the Come, Lord Jesus! Outreach Ministry! We are an evangelisitic movement initiated by members who have greatly benefited from the program and want allfellow Catholics to experience its transforming power.

This ministry began because, just as stated in Acts 16:10, “We have been convinced that God has called us to bring forth the Good News.”


We, at Outreach have been convinced that over forty years ago our Loving Lord inspired Father Conley Bertrand to create a beautiful and perfected program called Come, Lord Jesus! that in its appointed time would restore and revive the Christ-formed Holy Catholic Church, bringing active scriptural study into the heart of each Catholic, providing an easy Bible immersion into our Catechism programs, offering a continuation of spiritual training after the holy Sacrament of Confirmation and eliciting an explosion of faith into our Church. Through the supernatural power of the Word of God, increased understanding of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, on-going fellowship, and active apostolic works, we believe that Come, Lord Jesus! reestablishes zeal and replaces complacency transforming congregations into His image and likeness as we prepare for our Coming King!

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