The basic goal of the Come, Lord Jesus! program is to create within you an atmosphere of faith and love. In this way, you will be gently led and disposed to open yourself to God who in His mercy and love will reveal Himself to you (Jn 14:21-23). You will then come to know Him as the one who loves you with an infinite love and you, in turn, will want to live in His love (Jn 15:9-10).

The Come, Lord Jesus! Program presents the word of God and the teachings of the faith in a context of prayerful reflection within a community of Christian love. The supernatural realities that are being spoken about may actually be experienced in your heart and soul. Thus the powers and gifts that enable you to know God are fostered and developed. At certain moments you will come to realize, perhaps only subtly, that you have come into contact with the Divine, that there is Something, Someone beyond this material world. You will be introduced to the spiritual realities beyond the grasp of the senses and of the merely intellectual. You will also experience the beauty and strength of Christian love in a community of believers, as did the early Christians (Acts 2:42-47).

There are numerous booklet materials available through the Come, Lord Jesus!office that can assist you in your journey towards these Spiritual Realities. View our products page for a complete listing of our available booklets.

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