Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony. Go out and interact with your brothers. Go out and share. Go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as Spirit. 

Pope Francis

“I have learned to pray more deeply and I have grown in my relationship with God.”
Karen Listi

“I understand Scripture better and have more confidence about where to find passages in the Bible.”
Carolyn Fondren

“The love, support, and prayers of my Come, Lord Jesus! group have helped me get through many trials and stressful situations in my life. We have become a family.”  Herman Bailey

“For 2 years I had not attended Mass or really talked to God, so it was on a whim that I attended a meeting. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get much out of it. However, the Reading for that week was how no matter what, God is always with us, and since then I’ve been attending Mass and praying daily. It really has opened my eyes to what can happen when you give yourself to God and let him guide you”

“Come, Lord Jesus! has really been a great way to break up my busy week with something positive and fulfilling. Many of my close friends are members and it has become not only a way to experience our faith at a new level – it has become a close bonding tool for our friendships”
Jacqueline H

“The weekly Catechism references have helped me to learn more about my Catholic faith and why we Catholics believe what we do.”
Karen Ordogne

“I consider myself truly blessed to have been introduced to Come, Lord Jesus! early on in my ministry, and I am grateful to God for both the personal fruits I have experienced, and the reward that comes to a pastor’s heart when he sees his parishioners growing in holiness.”
Rev. Michael J. Russo, Pastor

“Thanks to Father Bertrand for being obedient to God’s calling and giving us the twelve steps of Come, Lord Jesus! Come, Lord Jesus! has given me an experience of the Divine Presence and the joy of being a living member of Jesus’ risen body. Through scripture study at Come, Lord Jesus! I am involved not only in our scripture study but also in the celebration of Mass. My participation in the Come, Lord Jesus! program has created an atmosphere of faith, love, and sisterhood. It also gives me strength through difficult times and helps me to follow Jesus each and every day. Through the program I have learned that Jesus gives us what we need to do his will. I have also learned that prayer without action is void. We must live our faith daily by always loving, caring and sharing.”
Rose May

“The weekly Catechism references have helped me to learn more about my Catholic faith and why we Catholics believe what we do.”
Karen Ordogne

“I am getting so much more from my participation at Mass. The Mass has really come alive!”
Peggy Gowland
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