Come, Lord Jesus! is an exciting, dynamic, spiritually uplifting program that has brought revival to my Catholic faith.

I express this sentiment after experiencing numerous years of Bible study in Baptist and non-denominational churches. I have been an active Catholic all of my life, and while these Bible studies strengthened my faith and opened my heart to a vibrant, personal relationship with Christ, my experience with Come, Lord Jesus! goes far beyond that.

Studying the Bible took new form as I began Come, Lord Jesus! I praise God for giving Father Bertrand the inspiration and grace to write a perfected study on the entire liturgical calendar for all of the Sunday readings, thus providing training on the entire Bible for members who see it to completion.

Following this sequence has connected me to the Church and its richness, synchronizing my scriptural focus to the ordered format of the Catholic Church.

Linking each scriptural reading with The Catechism of the Catholic Church further clarifies the teachings of our Church, providing authenticity of Biblical truths, increasing my appreciation of Sacred Tradition and creating a new love of Catholicism within me.

Come, Lord Jesus! is my personal call to evangelization. Participation in Bible studies outside the realms of the Catholic Church did not prompt me to exit the Christ-ordained Church, but created a strong desire in me to encourage the study of Scripture within our Church. The love of God’s Word and the zeal in members of the Protestant community were very touching and inspirational to me. I was distressed, however, to see multitudes of individuals who had left the Catholic faith. As new converts to the Protestant faith they were suddenly “on fire”, spirit-filled, transformed believers. I understood the change; I experienced it.

Before my enrollment in Bible studies my relationship with Jesus was not a personal one. Even though I loved and respected God, prayed daily and attended Mass faithfully, it was not until I sought Him in Sacred Scripture that I truly knew him, loved Him intimately and surrendered my life to Him. I firmly believe St. Jerome’s profound statement, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” Reading the Holy Bible brings life. The Word of God renews. Sacred Scripture sanctifies.

Come, Lord Jesus! facilitates such transformations in its members. This program fosters spiritual growth and communion with the indwelling presence of God.

Members gain understanding of the Catholic Church and its traditions, witness the power of unified prayer, and enjoy close bonds of spiritual friendships. Holy Mass is celebrated daily for its members. This spiritual formation program has been the anointed life work of Father Bertrand and has blessed the lives of countless individuals since 1969. It is a reliable instrument for the many Catholics who desire to study the Bible but don’t know how to begin. It also has the potential of providing active Bible immersion into our Catechism programs to train the youth of our Church in wisdom and knowledge as they study the beautiful treasure of God’s Holy Word and experience a personal encounter with Jesus. These Come, Lord Jesus!supplemental programs have been developed and have proven to be extremely effective.

It is my prayer that all parishes would partner with us. I am available to assist you in promoting this incredible program into your Church parish. Implementation of Come, Lord Jesus! would bring new life, a new Spirit, and an anointing of faith into our Holy Catholic Church. May our Faithful Father continue to bless you abundantly as you lead your congregation into His likeness.

In His Service,

Marianne Hebert
Come, Lord Jesus! Outreach Administrator

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