Ignite your Catholic faith and center your life on truth!


The Come, Lord Jesus! Young Adult Program is available in two inspiring studies: “Love One Another” and “Be My Witness.” Love One Another provides selected scriptural verses which encourage the love of God and neighbor. Biblical verses in Be My Witness provide motivation to evangelize and live an apostolic lifestyle. Both themes will strengthen your commitment to Jesus and lead you to love in action.

Gather weekly with your friends the very way the early Christians did for an exciting, dynamic, spiritually-uplifting experience that will bless your life and revive your Catholic faith.

Follow a system based on the teaching of the original twelve Apostles that will motivate you to live a joyful, spirit-filled, virtuous life. This orthodox program will bring you to the roots of your faith, inspiring you to live out the Gospel message.

Deepen your relationship with Jesus as you experience the life-changing power of the Word of God.

Strengthen your prayer life as you learn to pray as Jesus did. Unite with the universal Catholic Church Jesus founded as you study and meditate upon the upcoming Sunday Gospel Readings. Experience the celebration of Mass with a prepared heart and a greater appreciation of Sacred Tradition.

Embrace spiritual friendships, which will encourage and strengthen your Christian journey. Become active in your faith as you center your life on truth!

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